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Labels: God's Opinion of You Does Matter

We live in a world of labels.  There are warning labels on things we purchase.  There are labels on food with the ingredients.  Labels are everywhere.  We label people.  Loser, fool, dumb.  We have heard these words stamped on people.  Or gracious, kind, nice.  Words that describe someone in a positive way.


Have you ever thought about how God views us?


How does God label us?  We are His masterpiece.  We are a new creation if we have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We have been adopted into His family.  Believe it or not, God's opinion of us does matter.


"As you read through this book, spend time thinking about how God sees us.  Be ready to discover and apply practical advice on how to respond to people who label others negatively.  Jesus gives us some good practical help on how to handle this type of individual.  Enjoy and be encouraged." - Scott Reeve

The Great Divide

There is within Christianity a debate taking place over the doctrine of salvation. The Great Divide dives into the issues and viewpoints of the debate and offers a Biblically based answer to the question of what is necessary for a person to become a follower of Jesus and what happens in the life of those who put their faith in Christ.

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