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A Look At "The War for Our Children's Souls. Part 1"

Biblical Encouragement For Protecting Children - “The War For Our Children’s Souls, Part 1”

In this and a follow-up “Theology & Culture” (T&C) we are going to take a look at what some of our children are facing in our world today, while touching on our responsibilities as parents, churches, and others who work with kids.

In the not so distant past the Democratic Party here in Michigan (MDP) posted and removed rather quickly a statement in which they stated that education is to teach kids “what society wants them to know.” The question then, would be, “What part of society are we talking about?”

As has been shown throughout our country, educating children on reading, writing, and arithmetic has been overshadowed in some places by the promotion of Critical Race Theory, race guilting, gender identity confusion, social justice, along with a number of other socialist values that are contrary to the views of many Americans, including those with Christian morals and ethics.

In the post by the Michigan Democrats they also criticized parents for wanting to take a role in the education of their children. It was stated, "Not sure where this ‘parents-should-control-what-is-taught-in-schools-because-they-are-our-kids’ is originating, but parents do have the option to send their kids to a hand-selected private school at their own expense if this is what they desire,"

After receiving a firestorm of criticism, the post was removed. But the fact that it was up on social media in the first place speaks to the values of certain individuals and what they think of parents and their children’s upbringing, no matter how much back-pedaling was done to save face by the MDP. Since it was on their Facebook page to begin with means it was allowed by someone in charge.

But this is not the only place in America that this type of stuff is happening. The Justice Department was viewing parents, and there is evidence they still are, who spoke up at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.” I recognize that there has been some fear of how parents have reacted at some meetings but they are in the minority. The push to silence parents is one way of helping the government to get what they want - the right to control the future of our children.

There was a kindergarten teacher asking five year old children if they had decided if they were a boy or girl. In California, a law was passed that allowed children as young as twelve years old to have abortions, along with other medical and psychological treatments without parental consent.

In North Penn School District a teacher lined up all the students based on race, from the whitest child to the darkest and then made the white children apologize. This was a fifth-grade class. This is insanity. The school and district has chosen to be silent on the matter.

Having said all this, we must also remember that there are teachers in our educational system, both public and private, who love the Lord and want to influence children. They do not believe in nor teach what many of liberal persuasion want poured into our children. Some are under pressure and need our prayers and support as they follow Jesus and live Him before others.

Keep in mind, sadly, that there is evidence that the “woke” culture has spread, not only to the public sector, but in some cases, to the private as well. Every parent needs to be acutely aware of what is happening, regardless of their choice of how they choose to educate their children.

So, what do we do? If you are a parent, and I am addressing specifically those of you who are Jesus followers, we have hope and help. So let me begin with that. As a parent, your child is your God-given responsibility. They definitely do not belong to the government, and the church is here to support and encourage your family, not to replace you in your God-ordained role.

I also realize that not everyone who reads this will be a parent but you may influence children in some way, as a coach, teacher (education, Sunday School), or one investing in kids at church or in another community endeavor.

We will note in this blog a few thoughts that I pray will be words of encouragement to you as you raise your children or have the opportunity to positively impact kids for Christ. In our next “T&C” we will continue this discussion and add some additional points of application. So here we go,

First, if you are a parent, your kids are given to you by God. They are a gift. You, not anyone else, are ultimately responsible for their lives as noted above. That includes teaching them about God, seeing that they are educated in all things in a way that aligns with your values, protecting and preparing them for the world they are growing up in.

Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a “heritage” from the Lord. The word “heritage” has the idea that our children are an inheritance, a possession given to us by the Creator. If our children are from the Lord, He is entrusting us with their upbringing.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 has great advice for any parent. We are to take the opportunities that arise in life to teach our kids God’s values, and educate them in Scripture when it comes to life in general. We can teach them about creation when outside. We can use a situation happening in our world to help our kids learn about what God thinks about things.

If we do not teach them a Biblical worldview, others will. Organizations such as “Creation Ministries International,” “Answers In Genesis,” and “Institute For Creation Research”, along with the “Truth Project” can help educate our children on using Scripture as a lens to view the world.

The point is, parents are the first and last line of defense for our kids.

Second, pray for your children and invest in them. This is closely connected to our first point. Nothing is more important than the kids God has given us. I understand we have jobs. We have hobbies. There is nothing wrong with these things unless our kids are pushed to the side in our pursuit of bigger and better. When we have children, everything changes.

If you work with children at church or in the community, you may be the one light of encouragement they get during the week. God may have you where you are to help them as they navigate a world that sends confusing messages about ethics, religion, history, culture, etc.

For parents, your family matters. Your kids need you. If you are a grandparent, great-grandparent or someone who works with kids, pray for the parents of the children. We who are grandparents can encourage and support our adult children as they raise a family, but it is still their family and the number one priority for them, next to their walk with God.

Three, model Jesus to your children. It is not enough to talk to them about Jesus. Kids need to see us live out the beliefs that we claim. If God is not important to us, our children will see that. Our lives need to match our words. Be kind, gracious, bold, loving, like Jesus was.


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