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America's Hope for Survival

Let me begin by saying that I love our country. I am, at times, extremely cautious regarding what I publicly write because once you do so, there is no turning back. But as we continue to be a nation in turmoil, I believe that we as Christians need to continue to offer the only hope this world has. Christ offered hope and help. That is why He came, to fix the human condition that had been tainted by sin. Christ is the healer America needs. I am unapologetic on that.

Being born and raised in America, I, even at 63 years old, have seen many things, the good and the bad. From the many positive results of the Jesus Movement of the 60’s and 70’s, to the tension filled views surrounding the Vietnam War, to the devastation of 9/11, our country has gone through times of social and political upheaval and heartbreak, and people wondered if we would survive. Somehow, we did. To be honest, I am not sure about the long-term future of our great land unless things change. And that happening begins with each of us as individuals.

This may seem pessimistic, but I also believe that things can get turned around. As you will see if you keep reading, my answer will never change, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, when it comes to the issues facing our great land. We do need to ante up when we have been wrong. We do need to fix what needs to be fixed, but everything is so out of control now that people in some cases are afraid to voice their opinions because society will demean them. How sad.

And no matter what you say or think, someone takes you to task, especially if you come at an issue from a Christian perspective. That does not help the situation. And certain opinions, because of an out-of-control media bias, are mocked and shut down as quickly as possible. That does not help in working through situations and finding solutions.

Sadly, things have gotten so crazy and the narrative being pushed regarding social, moral, and political issues that we are facing, have driven a deeper wedge into our country. Only one side of the discussion matters in our country, and sadly, that side gets the most attention.

Our moral compass in America is spinning out of control. In many areas, things have gotten crazy, beyond common sense. Consider:

** Churches were closed and in some states are still closed, yet marijuana dispensaries and abortion clinics were allowed to stay open because they were considered “essential.” What does that tell us?

** I read recently of someone who was accused of animal cruelty because they fed their cat ice cream, the cat didn’t like it, etc., and people went crazy. Someone even commented that “some humans are so disgusting.” Wow. Yet in our land, the cries of the unborn who are murdered in the womb go unheeded by so many.

When discussions take place about overturning Roe vs. Wade which has led to this abortion nightmare, people go crazy. The emotional battles that take place over this issue are understandable and that is what drives the narrative. Let me be clear. The Bible teaches that the child in the womb is a human being (Psalm 139; Jeremiah 1; Luke 1:41).

Though the number of abortions has dropped over the recent years, in 2017 over 870,000 defenseless children lost their lives by this horrible act. This is unacceptable and heartbreaking. Not surprising, there are animal species with more rights than unborn children. I am not saying we should not take care of animals. The point is that people scream and shout over animal rights, while innocent human lives are lost and literally thrown into trash bins. It hurts to think about it.

** The answer to the social issues of our day are not looting, rioting, burning buildings to the ground, and shooting police officers simply because they are police. Not all who wear the uniform are bad. In fact, I would argue that most policemen care deeply about all the people they have sworn to protect. Yes, there are those who are bad apples. But not all who are part of the blue line are evil.

Once again, we see how some who lump everyone together when it comes to a situation or issue have caused a frenzy, in this case our nation’s many police officers. It is the same as the person who claims that Evangelical Christians are racist, numb to social issues, etc., etc. And yet, groups like Antifa get a thumbs up from the wild-eyed media. Ignorance of the facts surrounding much of what is going on is drowning our land.

Back to what we noted regarding how people have responded to the social issues of our day shows sin running rampant. Communities destroyed, people killed, businesses razed.

And there is a call to defund police. There needs to be some protection in our communities. If we leave it up to citizens, vigilantism will run rampant. If someone thinks that will not happen, our head is in the sand.

These are just a few of the many things we face as a nation. I will never change my tune as to what can fix our land. The hearts of people have to be changed. Laws and legislation are important, but it is when people’s lives are transformed by God that we see moral, social and cultural change.

And as we navigate what is happening around us, Christians need to be bold, stand for truth, and do so with the attitude of Colossians 4:6 which tells us,

“Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.”

And if we want an example of someone whose life was changed, share about Paul, the man who went from dedicating his life to persecuting Christians to being a church planter and writer of thirteen books of the New Testament.

Paul’s life was changed. He wrote the Book of Romans, a great treatise on doctrine, including Romans 6-8 and the transformation God can bring to the human heart. He also gave practical advice in places like Romans 12-13, Ephesians 4-6, and Colossians 3, for example, about how we should live and interact with others. America’s hope is Christ alone. There is nothing else that save this nation.


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